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Sonar Operator Trainer

ETA offers customers a wide range of modern sonar training simulators. From our new Surface Ship Sonar Trainers to Mine Detection Sonar Trainers, ETA specializes in delivering complete simulation environments for sonar training.

§         The ETA Sonar Operator Trainer

The ETA SOT represents a truly modern, cost effective tool for today’s sonar operator’s. The ETA SOT leverages the power of modern Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology. Features like the Windows XP operating system bring an entirely new price/performance standard to sonar simulations.

§         F lexibility

A truly modular and distributed system, the ETA SOT is easily modified to meet specific requirements of the world’s sonar training professionals. The entire system is based on a relational database containing the platforms, sensors, decoys, mines and environmental data (BT conditions, salinity, sea state, etc.) that comprise each training scenario. Graphical, simple-to use interfaces allow instructors to modify or create new data in any of these categories, making almost any scenario not only possible, but easy to create.

§         Expertise

The ETA SOT’s design and features reflect an underlying understanding of sonar operations that can only be build up through experience. With over 20 years of experience in defence sector  of   Turkey   ETA   has   given   a   special

importance to R&D activities. ETA   has applied this know-how gained to develop a system that meets the complex needs of modern sonar systems. Our facility in Middle East Technical University, Technopark, enpowers our research and reflects this to every high technology product we produce.

§         Modern Technology

Expensive, proprietary systems are no longer necessary to provide first-class training. The ETA SOT uses modern technologies to achive both an affordable price and an ease of maintenance unheard of with previous-generation sonar simulators. These technologies include:

§         Intel Pentium IVŌ based PCs.

§         Microsoft Windows XP Ō OS.

§         High Performance visual image generation graphical cards.

§         Commercial, off-the-shelf display, network, and communication systems.

§         Configuration

The ETA SOT can be configured according to the customer’s requirements. As a minimum, the system consist of one trainer station for exercise preperation, briefing, and debriefing. Trainer station can be expanded up to two. A minimum of one student station is added to the configuration. Student station number can be expanded up to ten.

§         Architecture

System’s open architecture enables the customer to integrate any Sonar System to the core SOT architecture.

§         Training Phases

The ETA SOT provides following training phases to sonar operators:

  • Basic training on undersea acoustic and sonar systems.
  • Testing theoretical knowledge.
  • Introduction of  sonar systems and teaching of related functions.
  • Practical training on sonar systems.
  • Tactical exercises based on  scenarios.

§         Sensor Simulation

The ETA SOT features high-fidelity simulations of the following surface ship, mine detection and helicopter sonars.

§         AN/SQS-56

§         AN/SQS-26 CX

§         DUBA-25

§         SIMRAD-950

§         DUBM-20B

§         HELRAS

§         AN/AQS-18A

Simulation software of the above sonar systems can be installed to each student station according to the customer needs.


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