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Off-Shore Software Development

In the IT business today, customers are asking for on time delivery, higher quality and lower costs then ever, and there is a lack of qualified resources in the market. Therefore many IT companies are increasingly turning to off-shore outsourcing as a way of delivering high quality and cost effective products and services.

§         History

Since 1984, ETA Inc. has been a trusted partner and a respected supplier of the state of the art products and high quality services for its customers. With many years of experience in the market, ETA Inc. offers a pool of engineering resources for hire, as well as application specific turnkey solutions. With our facility located in Middle East Technical University, Technopark we have always been a research based company.

§         Products and Services

ETA is a leading company which offers a broad range of IT services. It is specialised in providing custom software development, application software for computer based training, custom simulation software, database applications and real time embedded software for various platforms.

§         Data Acqusition, Control and Test Systems

Real time analog/digital/hybrid data acqusition and control systems (PC Based or Embedded) General purpose application specific Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Test Program Sets (TPS) for functional and component level diagnostic tests of avionic/electronic assemblies/systems, based on various hardware (GPIB, VXI, PXI, Hybrid) and software development platforms (ATLAS, HP-VEE, LabWindows/CVI, LabView, C++, HP-Basic)


§         Software Driver Development

Application specific, real time data acqusition/control/communication drivers for various operating systems. (WxWorks, Windows, Linux) Application specific instrument drivers for various hardware (PC, PC-104, VME, VXI, PXI)

§         Hardware

Design and implementation of application specific digital/analog/hybrid I/O interface assemblies.

  Training Simulators

Laser  Marksmanship  Training  Systems   and SONAR Operator Training System are the latest simulation systems developed for mission specific military equipment/systems.

  §         Software Engineering Services

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants  are available for off-shore and   on-site services.

Project Management Consultancy.

System Analysis, Design and Documentation.

Requirements Analysis and Documentation.

Object Oriented Software Design using UML.

Software Testing and Documentation.

§         Support Services

Support for installation, integration, testing, user training, maintenance and field service.

§         Quality

ETA is a ISO9001:2000 certified company . All software hardware development activities results in products which conforms to the customers’ requirements.

§         International Experience

§         Export of Engineering Services

Texas Instruments / UK

Intec Inc. / Republic of South Africa

M.C. Dean Inc. / USA

§         System & Software Exports

Beamhit LLC / USA

International Systems LLC / USA

RSL Electronics / Israel

Ahsen Inc. / Kazakhistan

§         Local Support Services

Texas Instruments / USA

Texas Instruments / UK

Elekluft / Germany

CDC Inc. / Canada

AAI Inc. / USA

Ship Analytics Inc. / USA

CAE Invertron / UK

Carco Electronics / USA

Westest Inc. / USA

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